Coming Home to East Tennessee

Donna’s knowledge of her chosen area of the East Tennessee mountains is amazing. She listens carefully to her client’s wishes, and has an amazing knack for asking the right questions to help her fulfill their desires. In particular, she helped me to name, from my original nebulous dream, a specific type of property that would fill my needs. She showed me a couple of properties that on the surface, and as described in their listings, seemed to fill the parameters of what I was looking for, but upon face to face inspection, were far from my dream. Donna knew that I could only learn from seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t. She knew before I did what I really needed and found it for me. Her professionalism and good character made her a pleasure to work with. I knew I could trust her to deal honestly and positively with me, and man, that is a comfort. Though a protracted period of negotiating with the seller of the property I ultimately bought, Donna was calm and gave sound advice and occasional shoulder patting, when needed. She guided me through title search and survey and a multitude of technicalities I haven’t thought about in decades, since I have lived in one place for so long. Closing day was a celebration for me. I will be “coming home” finally, to the mountains that have held my soul since birth. There’s no one I would rather have had at my side than Donna Baran.

— Valerie Waters